Aged Care Template Library

Making Auditing Easy

Managing quality in Aged Care is a dynamic and challenging field. With more accountability than ever required, and a more complex environment to operate within managing an effective auditing process is no small task.

That's why we joined together with some of Australia's best Aged Care Quality Manager's to create a tool kit with all the templates you need, and questions you should ask to ensure that quality is outworked and maintained within your organisation.

Built Around The New Aged Care Standards

1nsight is excited to announce the release of their new Aged Care Template Library, structured around the 8 New Aged Care Quality Standards.

Access a comprehensive collection of audit templates that you can use to ensure that have a clear and effective process for managing quality accross your facilities.

Created by a team of Australia's leading Quality Managers in Aged Care, these templates are a comprehensive framework which form the skeleton of your quality and CI plan. Edit and make them your own with the help of the 1nsight team or on your own and take some of the time and stress out of the process.

Customise Your Templates From Our Ready Made Collection

Access templates for all auditing required under the new aged care standards and sit down with an 1nsight consultant to help customise these templates your own organization's needs when your purchase the template library package.

Aged Care Template Library