iClean Hospitality Suite

iClean Hospitality Suite

The iClean Hospitality Suite has been created specifically for Hospitality Managers, responsible for outcomes across a number of sites where on-site supervision is limited.

For the first time ever we have designed a complete digital package that allows cleaning managers to schedule, supervise, communicate and audit cleaning outcomes across their sites. The Hospitality Suite combines the iClean Management tool and the CI auditing app together for a total solution for managing facilities.

Cleaner's Schedules

Infection Control

Visual Training

Digital Auditing

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Dynamic cleaning schedules
• Standardised visual training
• Communication channel between cleaners, maintenance and supervisors
• Accountability in reporting
• Efficiency gains through managed schedules
• Integrated Audit Data
• Save time writing up audits in excel
• Corrective Actions Management
• Real Time Dashboard Reporting


What Our Clients Have To Say

Justin Wilshaw

Head of Hospitality, Opal Aged Care

“We chose to roll out a digital cleaning management system because we were serious about improving the quality of service we provide to our residents.

iClean allowed all of our cleaning staff and managers across all of our sites to measure where they were succeeding, where there was room for improvement, and see where they stood in comparison to the other sites. The system really allowed us to transparently look at what was happening on each of our sites and help each particular site with their own specific needs.

Using a digital system allowed us to change the way we rostered our staff, now that we had a better understanding of how long it really takes to clean a site and helped us to achieve some very significant efficiency savings. It also highlights who on our team is doing an outstanding job, and where additional training is required.

It’s made my job so much easier and allows me to have confidence that we really are delivery the best possible outcomes.”


“When we first moved to a digital cleaning management system I was amazed by how many issues it brought to the surface. It became really clear which areas my different team members were needing assistance, where more training was required, and how every one of my cleaner’s was cleaning with a different method that they believed was right.

The information I’ve gained from iClean has helped me put my staff onto different performance review strategies, and understand what is really happening on my sites. Trends I saw on my dashboards helped me create plans to rotate my cleaner’s around the facility to ensure that the best results were limited to one section.

I’m now confident that all of my residents are receiving the best possible results, that my staff are equipped to succeed and that we are supporting and encouraging our staff on an ongoing basis.”

Shirley Saunders

Group Manager - Hospitality
Churches of Christ QLD

Stephanie Hechenberger

Head of Operational Excellence, Opal Aged Care

“In 2018, Opal introduced the Interclean microfibre cleaning system supported by electronic scheduling. The electronic scheduling system has helped our large organisation better understand cleaning requirements and monitor efficiency trends across the business.

This information has enabled us to embed strategies to improve customer satisfaction, resourcing and cleaning outcomes and to ensure cleaning hours schedules support high quality cleaning outcomes.

We are currently working with Interclean to further develop the technology with the aim to further improve our customer experience, efficiency and the correct deployment of resources to meet our customers cleaning needs.”

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