iClean Infection Control

Do your cleaner's follow a real time infectious clean program?


Do your staff know exactly how to follow and enact your infectious clean policies? Are they reminded of the infectious status of a room before they enter it? Do you have the ability to schedule an entire floor or section of your facility for infectious cleans at the press of a button? And do you have validation that an infection clean was correctly completed each time? If you've answered no to any of the above questions, it's well worth asking why not.

The iClean Hospitality Suite now includes the Infection Control Module giving you greater ability to communicate to your team about the scheduling and requirements of infectious and cytotoxic cleans. Built onto our iClean platform, your cleaners will see a schedule for their day and be reminded with pop ups detailing cleaning requirements that can be pre-set by managers.

If you're interested in find out more about how the iClean Hospitality Suite can help you to manage cleaning in your aged care or health facility, please reach out to us today. Our team are ready to help you improve your cleaning programs, especially at this time when it is more important than ever that our facilities are cleaned consistently to the highest possible standard.


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